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    Anyone interested in a Ty Cobb card #3/4?

    It is out of last years DK series and is the Recollection Collection card. They bought back 4 of the 83 Donruss Diamond Kings cards and numbered them. I have #3/4

    PLMK if interested and what you have for trade bait.

    Obviously there is no BV on this because there are only 4 of them, but if I get a good offer, maybe we can work out a deal.

    I had this and my Pujols 2001 Donruss Baseball's Best Silver RC #R97 (BV$80) Sold to a member here, but I never got the money from them so the Cobb is back out in the open and available.

    Thanks and PLMK


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    I want that Pujols. Would you trade it for a Pujols jerey bv 25 and a Pujols rc bv 25 and something else? PLMK.

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    No thanks man. I do not wanna trade a RC for less than 1 card of equal value unless I get one more valuable that I have to add a few things to even it out on my end. Thanks anyhow.


    Besides, I am gonna send it out to get graded as 1 of my 2 cards for my free grading certificate unless I make a deal REALLY soon on it. I am really in no rush to trade it away tho.

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    Guys, if I decide to get rid of the Pujols, I will make a post. I wanna keep this one on focus for the Cobb card. Thanks


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    I am how much in bv you want for it? LMK and also if you can hop on aim im me at ChrisGervais32

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    dunno, if you have sum stuff I like maybe we can haggle from there
    my IM is the same as name here


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