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    CCAuction: James Stewart Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor /50

    Yup thats right its numbered to only 50! So I guess I must be crazy to sell this for oh well.. on with the auction..

    James Stewart 2002 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor #8
    Serial Numbered 18/50

    Starting Bid is only 10 cc
    - This Includes S&H -
    Minimum bid incriment is 10 cc

    Bidding Starts The Split Second I post this..
    and Ends Saturday the 17th of April 2004 at 10:30 CST

    If there are two bids at exactly 10:30 the First of the two will win.. I would also include a picture but my scanner isn't working.. plus this a cool card so It would be a shame to ruin the joy of seeing it firsthand after you've won.. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

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    sealedpwr, if you would like the card u can have it. if it's ok with sportspatrol. the site hasen't been working to well and i think you would have gotten in your bid in time. so it's only fair u have it.

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    beaujoe--, Thanks , Either way i am not gonna be to upset. what ever sportspatrol Decides will be alright with me.

    But thanks for the great gesture, that is why this site is #1.

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    sealedpwr.. you win it.. The site was down and stuff so since its okay with beaujoe.. 70cc.. and its yours

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    sealedpwr, it's no trouble at all. i'm glad your happy.

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