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    Ron Santo TTM and Kerry Wood IP?

    Just wondering if any of you have tried Kerry Wood in person? I'm going to shoot for him on a ball when he comes to Cleveland. I was just wondering if he was a signer.

    As for Ron Santo- out of the (3) addy's listed that you can write to him..which one do you think would be the safest to send a jersey? I saw what appears to be a home addy, but I wanted to make sure it is current. I do know to add the donation.

    Any help would be appreciated.....thanks.

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    kerry wood has always been good for me ttm, if u wanted him that way
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    I got Kerry Wood IP at Spring Training. He stopped on his way out during the game to sign a bunch of autos
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    Santo is a great signer, but you have to make a donation with your request. I know he'll sign flats for $10 c/o the Major Memories address. I think it's posted on his website. It comes with a COA as well.

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