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Thread: Milton Bradley Auto F/T F/S

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    Milton Bradley Auto F/T F/S

    I got a 2003 Team Topps Blue Chips Milton Bradley auto

    just take a look at my site and u will get a idea of what im looking for in trade...Thanks

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    I have 3 Marlins autos if you're interested in any for the Bradley.

    2002 Bowman's Best Benito Baez
    2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Absolutely Ink Blaine Neal
    2002 Studio Private Signings Abraham Nunez



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    Whats your sell price? And whats the BV? I can buy thru paypal if I like the price.


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    Rick- Sorry don't really like any of those guys I do believe Benito isn't a Marlin anymore and Blaine Neal just got traded sorry...

    cbe- Dont take paypal sorry

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