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    NEEDED:04 Fleer Platinum Commons extras FT!

    I need these

    8,16,39,56,70,98,101,102,103,107,108,111,112,113,1 14,115,120
    121,122,123,124,131,135,143,144,147,150,151,152,15 3,154,155,156

    158,159,160,163,164,169,170,173,174,175,176,179,18 3,186,187,188,192,194

    PLMK what you need from the set and what players you collect if you have any of these!

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    I have these:
    70,98,107,111,159,160,164,169,170,175,176,187,188, 194,195,200

    If you have an extra Giambi base card from this set, I need it!


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    sry.....don't have it but im interested in all of them

    Will you take a wadd boggs bat card BV20 from leaf for them??

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    Absolutely! PM me your address and I'll reply with mine. I'll post the trade and will have the cards out to ya tomorrow.

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    Have these:8-39-101-102-112-113-115-122-123-131-144-151-173-174-186-192. Would you buy for $4.00 delivered? Thanks....Dan

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    lol yes i would if i had $4.00 would this be fine....

    -Kazuhiro Sasaki,03 Bowman Heritage "Diamond Cuts" Jersey Card Books $15.00

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    jerseycardfan...Thanks for the offer but trying to sell everything,but since you offerd me a more than fair trade,you send me a SASE and I'll give you the cards. Sound ok? If so PM me and I'll get you my address. Thanks....Dan

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