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Thread: What are NPN's!?!

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    Question What are NPN's!?!

    Just wondering, seeing as how there is a sticky with a grip load of replies, just wondering what an NPN is.


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    no purchase necessary, have u ever seen on a pack of cards the insert ratio's.....well usually on the front or back it says "no purchase necessary" and it has an address where u send a card with your name and address on it and they have like drawings where they pull names i guess and they might send u a card, i was readin in the march beckett where a guy got a stan musial auto for a npn, but most of the time its an insert or sumthin

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    bravesfan86 got it right on the nose. I've been getting pretty good stuff lately. I've even received a Lebron RC that I sold for $50. Well worth the stamp!

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    Yep just print your Name and Address on a Index card and send it in to the address given on the back of the packs and they have a drawing and hopefully you get something back :)

    Pretty Cool - I have got some nice cards back...Well worth the stamp IMO

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    Is there a way to get the addresses on their site maybe? I don't usually buy packs, cuz' no one sells them around here

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    Just go to SCF's homepage and you'll find it in the right corner I believe. It has all the latest addy's.

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    Thanks for the help everyone, will try my luck on some of these

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