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    2003 Bowman Chrome Nick Markakis Auto (7th overall pick last year)

    I have a 2003 Bowman Chrome Nick Markakis RC Auto BV: $25 that I am selling for market Value. I will use these recently ended auctions as a base.



    Those prices are without shipping charges which are usually about $2.00

    I will sell for $14 shipped via paypal.

    LMK if you are interested.

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    i am interested, but i don't want to buy. Do you see anything besides the bdp autos you like?

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    I would do $10 shipped. After you take out listing and final value fees and actually ship it you might end up with less than this on ebay

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    Im interested in:

    2003 sweet spot black ink jose reyes auto
    2002 sp authenic chirogrpahy Barry Zito

    What are their BV's?

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    zito 40 reyes 40
    i like your weeks auto and this:
    -2004 Topps BJ Upton Autograph BV: $15
    would you do upton and markais for zito?

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    Scott: Ill get back to you on this.....I will probably do it...just let me think about it for a little bit.


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    i need to know because i am going in 5 minutes for the night, and i want to send out tommorow. Reply here on the strade, and pm me your addy

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    on our trade? i will be here for a while, but i want to know by 8 pm est because i won't be here the rest of the night. If you still want to pass its ok

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