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    BUSTed a few boxes today..thats right what a BUST!!!!!

    busted open 2 boxes today...thats right what a BUST!!!!

    03 playoff prestige 24 packs
    03 ud mvp 24 packs

    Now i know why i just touch on baseball as i never have any luck with this sport.
    I told myself to get a few basketball or footbal boxes but took a chance and didnt get squat!!!!
    Here is the break down and all are for sale or trade...mainly looking to sale though

    03 ud mvp-24 packs...NOT 1 RC IN THE BOX!!! it get alot WORSE

    silver boarders
    george lombard #76
    kirk rueter #175

    talk of the town
    albert pujols #tt13
    ken griffey jr TT5

    express delivery
    bartolo colon ED11
    randy johnson ED1

    mvp celerbrations
    randy johnson #erd 1714/2001
    jeff kent #erd 1481/2000

    sports nuts
    bernie williams #sn37
    andrew jones #sn4
    mike lowell #sn21
    shawn green #sn26
    jaun gonzalez #sn58
    jarrod washburn #sn61
    shea hillenbrand #sn9
    magglio ordonez #sn13

    will sell all base cards for $15..almost complete set

    03 playoff prestige 24 packs

    xtra point
    jeff kent #erd145/150
    ken griffey jr #erd 97/150

    award winners
    barry bonds #AW-2 #erd 1422/2001

    josh beckett/juan encarrnacion # c-26
    jim thome/pat burrell #c-50
    eric chavez/miguel tejada #c-46

    draft class reunion
    alex rodriguez/tori hunter (NFT/or/SALE)

    diamond heritage
    torii hunter #DH-15 #erd 7/50

    inside the numbers
    pedro martinez #IN16 #erd 795/2002-clear card

    game used card
    marlon byrd-game used bat #erd 69/325

    also will sell all base cards for (make an offer)

    also bought a few other packs and got these

    04 ultra-2 packs
    strike out kings-pedro martinez #2 sk
    ultra performers mike piazza #10up
    gold medallion-frank thomas and alfonso soriano

    2 packs of 04 playoff prestige
    changing stripes-arod #cs10
    achievements albert pujols # A-8

    1 pack 04 chrome
    eric byrnes refractor

    1 pack 04 fleer showcase
    albert pujols-baseballs best #7 BB

    04 diamond collection
    troy glass silver honors
    all star line ups (inserts of)
    edger renteria...rafael palmerio...josh beckett....jim edmonds

    04 fleer authentix
    ticket studs-josh beckett

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    Would you be interested trading the Xtra Point Ken Griffey Jr 97/150 ? You can check my site or lmk what you'd want in trade.


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    rick-really looking to sell right now so i get get a few bucks back from these boxes

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