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Thread: Looking for deshaun foster!

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    Looking for deshaun foster!

    LMK what you've got!

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    2002 UD Ovation Jersey
    2002 Fleer Tradition School Colors Jersey
    2003 UD Finite Auto #'d /651
    2003 Upper Deck Game Jersey Autographs #'d /99

    LMK if you need any of those.

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    lummox, I need these:

    2003 UD Finite Auto #'d /651
    2003 Upper Deck Game Jersey Autographs #'d /99

    wiens75- if it's the base card, I've already got it. But if it's the jersey, I can use it. LMK

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    i dont know the year but i got a school colors jersey of foster that i can trade


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    I pulled a Pacific (Cant remember which set right off hand) but it was a 2002 Rookie #d /210......Ill have to dig through some boxes to find it. Do you have any Shaun Alexanders?

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    pr0phet- already have it, but if the color is different than mine (mine's blue), I'd be willing to trade for it. LMK

    BamaFan- I can definitely use that foster. Not sure if I have any alexanders though. I can check though. I'll let you know if I can find anything. Would you be interested in any GU from my site? if the foster books at least $10, I'd definitely trade GU for it.

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    I got a nice card

    2002 Upper Deck XL Holofoil BV is 25 I would like a auto or GU in return if you want this

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