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    need grossman/urlacher... have 2001 Topps Michael Vick AUTO (TA-MV)

    new to this board as of today (got tired of the drama on another un-mentioned, un-moderated forum)

    looking for grossman playoff contenders autograph rc
    and other short printed grossmans and urlachers

    lots of jersey, auto, gu and rc's available to trade if card is right

    WHO WANTS THIS ONE-> 2001 Topps Michael Vick Auto (TA-MV) Book Value $150????

    I am willing to trade or sell for the right deal. The card came straight from topps offices and has not left the protective sleeve that it came in.

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    really only interested in Urlacher or Grossman AUTo cards for the Vick Auto

    lmk if anyone has anything of equal value to trade

    again, the Vick is 2001 Topps (TA-MV) booking at $150. The card is still in perfect condition

    i'll give this one a couple of days for any offers, then it's off to ebay

    i will let you know when i post it if i don't get any worthwhile trades

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