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    Ultimate Collection Pack Bust "Just Great"

    Hey I just opened a pack of ultimate collection here is what I pulled.

    Allen Iverson 174/750
    Michael Jordan 439/750
    Juwon Howard 516/750

    Kobe Bryant (Like I want this oh well)

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    LOL I know its a good break and all but Kobe..... cmon. Anyways its on ebay. I would be willing to take it off for a trade or cash deal I am only looking for Sacramento Kings auto cards.

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    Very nice on the Kobe. What's your ebay ID anyway? I may bid on it.

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    wow. that kinda hurts lol
    id love it considering im an oh-so-evil-Lakers-fan ;)

    if you'd want a $200 hill auto or $250 hill patch, ive a Peja and Bibby i could move but they only book $20 each :(

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    Sorry bddr not interested in those I am sort of a Kings only person and I sell all of the rest. If anyone has any really high end autos of the kings I will be interested.

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    Hey I feel sort of alone here.... there has to be other people that busted ultimate collection on this forum.

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    Nice pull....Hopefully it will sell high and you can pick up a sweet Kings auto :D

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