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    anyone interested in buying the game NHL 2003 really, REALLY cheap?

    ok, see, i bought nhl 2003 in december, but my friend didnt know that. so, he got it for me for my birthday. i went to EB games where he bought it, and they wont return it without a recipt. so, im like, eh, i cant ask him for the recipt, thats rude. so now, im stuck with 2 copys of a game i hardly play in the first place. i was wondering if anyone is wanting to buy a factory sealed, never opened copy of NHL 2003. its a really cool game, ive just got 2 copies of it. im willing to take best offer. i am also willing to trade hockey cards for it! i dont know how much shipping would be to canada, since its in a factory sealed box, but im sure i could work around that. thanks!

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    gonna put it on ebay for less than 5 bucks. ill put the auction URL here when it gets listed.

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    i cant believe eb wont take it back, here in vancouver, they take back the game as long as it is in the original wrapper even without a receipt...

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    the EB sucks down here. the guy was an ™™™™™, and he was like, eh, ill give you 3 dollars for it.

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