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    Oh My God......I finally Pulled MOJO!

    I went to Wal-Mart today and seen they had 2003 SP Authentic on there shelves. The smallest Bill I had was a Five so I bought one Pack. When I got in my truck and opened it........I had to look 3-4 times. 2003 SP Chirography SAMMY SOSA AUTO (Redemption) BV$150 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trust me guys I am stoked..... This WILL be up for trade when I get it back from redemption!!!


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    Wow nice pull man!

    i got the same card ansd its sweet

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    Nice pull, hopefully UD will be quick with the turnaround time.

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    Thanks guys needless to say I am still on cloud 9 :)

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    That is sweet.

    My best Wal-Mart pull was from last year's series 1 UD.
    I bought 1 pack for $2.99 and pulled an Ichiro Patch Stripes card. There were only 63 of them made. It had like 7 colors on it.

    Sweet Pull and congrats again fairbc

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