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    Cool Seneca Wallace Mirror Emerald #'d 1/5 for trade...

    2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Emerald Seneca Wallace #'d 1/5 with 2 color jersey, 2 color shoe w/ stitching and 1 color ball and helmet. Serial numbered 1 of only 5 that exist.

    Taking offers on this card. I'm not looking for any particular BV, just cards I either need from players in my sig or that I know I can use for other trades. LMK if interested in making a card offer or if you want me to check your page and make a proposal.

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    i might like it, my roommate is friends with him......

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    akoch- sorry I didn't see anything I would need unless you have some high end autos or game used not showing.

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    i can use it, also some stuff in pc is for trade, not thome patch, hunter patch, culpepper moss dual are gone. but also got a 03 leaf limited threads at the half tony dorsett jsy/auto #50/50

    plmk and thanks

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