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    4 pack break of Topps Jersey Edition

    Picked up 4 packs of 03-04 Topps Jersey Edition pulled som really nice cards!!!!!!

    Alexsandar Pavolic
    Nick Van Exel
    Amare Stoudemire
    Kwame Brown
    Josh Howard
    Dahntay Jones 07/99
    Sam Cassell 02/25
    Shaq AUTO******** 493/499

    Pretty good pulls for just picking up random packs all are for trade. Looking for autos from 03-04 Pristine and 03-04 Fleer SHowcase, 03-04 Pristine Uncommon refractors numbered to 499, or yao, tmac,wade cards. LMK what you guys got

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    I will trade a tmac gu (bv $40),finest rc,flair showcase rc,
    and wade bazzoka joe rc and avant black and white for your
    shaq auto.lmk

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    abe- no thanks looking for something in equal value like a 1 for 1 trade

    minew- You might want to check out my site cause I have some of your wants. But do you have any autos or GU for trade?

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    Yes I do. How much do you need for the Dahntay?

    Also, jw how much you'd need for the Shaq? I would be interested but probably don't have anything in comparable bv.

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