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    How do you decide how much you spend on a card?

    If you are ebay and see a card you want, how do you decide how much you spend for the card? Is it based on book value, or how much you want or like the card, or how much money you have on you at the time, or how much time is left on the auction? I ask because I'm on a limited budget for cards and I have a hard time decided how much to bid on a card I want on ebay.

    Also, as a follow-up question, what is your personal ebay bidding strategy? Do you snipe, bid on early auctions, or bid when you see the item?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

  2. Kronozio
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    Welp I would personally say it all depends on how much you like/want the card. For me, I would spend more on a 2000 SPx Spectrum Auto/Jersey /25 of J.R. Redmond over one of lets say Jerry Porter cause I collect Redmond.

    As far as when I bid it all varies. I personally have no set time when I bid. Sometimes I bid early and sometimes I wait before the auction ends. It all depends on how I feal at the time. hehe. :)


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    It really depends on what you are looking for. Sometimes when I buy stuff on ebay for "trade bait" I look for what I can get with a high bv and spend as little as I can. But then on the other hand, if it's what I need I'll pay a lot for it. An example is Nook Logan. I bought 3 cards for over $30 a piece so far for my Nook Logan collection.

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    SpinRx's Ebay Strategy:

    Step 1: Find desired card on E-Bay

    Step 2: Open Wallet

    Step 3: Count Money

    Step 4: Bid amount of money in wallet

    Step 5: If outbid then, open wife's wallet

    Step 6: Bid amount found in wife's wallet plus amount found in own wallet.

    Step 7: If outbid then, sell dog.

    Step 8: Take amount made from selling dog and add it to the amount found in both wallets and bid that amount.

    Step 9: If still outbid then, take money from own wallet and money from selling dog, to beg for the dog back so I don't have to use they money to....

    Step 10: Hire divorce lawyer.....:D

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    Heyas Spinrx I like that. hehe.


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    Spinrx- lol, you must go through a lot of trouble buying things.

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    lol Spin.....that's funny! ;)

    Personally, I NEVER bid on anything unless I can send the payment out the next mailing day. I pay what I can afford for a card, I don't care about BV, I have won a $50 card for $5, and a $10 card for $11. It's all about how bad I want the card. The only stringent rule I have for myself is the sellers S&H price. I will NEVER bid on a card in which the seller has a S&H price of $3.50 and over UNLESS Ins/DC is included. I know lots of folks say "figure it into your bid"'s the principle of it to me.

    I also get a rush from sniping an auction at the last second. I hardly ever bid on something over 24 hrs in advance. If it is a card I am pretty sure I know what $$ I want to pay, I will bid in advance, and if I get OB then no biggie, but if it's a card I really really want, I never know how much $$ I am willing to bid until the last second (as long as I have $$ here to spend). I am rather spontaneous, so that may explain

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    i spend whatever i can afford at the time... as well i spend ilttle on trade bait if i can pick up some gu or autos for a couple bucks then i go for it.... i like to search new listings and use the BIN.... i like to know when i win instead of not being able to buy stuff becuase i dont know if i won or not

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    If I bid on a card for trade bait, I usually try to stay at 1/3 of book or less. If it's for my personal collection, like everyone else it's what I can afford at the time.


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    Usually when I'm bidding on eBay auctions, I check the completed items. If the card im bidding on is less than they have been, I know I'm getting a good deal. Also, I tend to bid higher on vintage cards. I think that bidding 20 to 10 minutes before the auction ends is a good strategy, because it gives other bidders less time to react than if I had bid a day or two before.

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