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    Todd Helton GU patch(MLB) and GU ball "untouched" For sale

    Hi, I've got this card for sale:

    2002 Score "Big league challenge" GU Patch(MLB) and GU ball
    This special thing about this card is that it is encased and marked "untouched" by Sports Collectors Digest! The patch is black, gold, and red. On the patch you can see "ML and about half of B". The GU ball is just white but if you look closely you can see grass stain! I dont want to sell this card because I collect Helton but I really need money. I'll attach a pic in a few minutes!

    Just make an offer on this beautiful card!


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    Here is a bad picture of the card, but it will give you an idea of what it looks like!


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    I really dont know, thats why I wanted you to make an offer. Beckett doesn't have these listed, so Im not sure what to base it off of, so I was just going to see what people would offer me.


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    i got a luis gonzalez one off ebay for 3.50. so i dunno. u won't trade?

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    I think that I could get a little more that $3.50 for this card because it has MLB on the patch, and it seems like when ever other cards have that, people always pay more money for it, but I dont know.

    I cant really trade it because I really need the money, sorry.


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    If interested in trading, I would give you $30 in trade toward the card in other Helton GU. Cool looking card, but does not seem that people like these cards much. I picked up a Bonds dual GU. for $5.00 on Ebay. I could not believe it, but these cards don't seem to go for much. Great for the collector though. LMK
    Mainly collect baseball autos

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