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    WTTF: Dontrelle Willis (need all)

    My current collection is only 6 cards right now, so I definitely need more. I want to boost this collection and so I am looking for anything I can use. This is what I have.

    2003 Bowman Draft #BDP1 BV-$0.75
    2003 Bowman Heritage Facsimile Signature #110 BV-$2.50
    2003 Bowman Heritage "Signs of Greatness" Autograph #DW BV-$30.00
    2003 Topps 205 #300A BV-$1.25
    2003 Topps 205 "Drum" #300A BV-$6.00
    2004 Fleer Platinum #32 BV-$0.30
    2004 Ultra "Diamond Producers" Game Used Jersey #DP/DW #ed 0792/1000 BV-$8.00

    Do not look at my page, because I do not have everything listed. If you need a certain player I will try and help you out. I need ALL DONTRELLE WILLIS!


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    Do you have any 2004 Donruss? If so, I might be able to help you out...
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    I have
    two 2002 Chrome Draft
    one 2002 Topps Traded
    one 2002 Bowman Draft
    a couple 2003 chrome and regular draft

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    enigma-wish i could help you out there but I don't buy Donruss cards that much (mainly because the odds arent listed on the back (they say randomly inserted) and i dont like that. Sorry

    Coda-definitely need all of those (only one of each) how much are you looking for in book value and what do you collect?


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    I have a 2004 Fleer Showcase GU Jersey 1 color 69/150 and a 2003 Topps 205 AUTO for trade. I collect everything Cubs. Favorite player right now is Mark Prior.

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    I have these Cubs items:

    Tood walker 1994 Signature Sereis Autograph BK-$5
    Mark Prior 2004 Fleer Showcase
    Greg Maddux 1988 Donruss (autographed in person)
    and some other stuff on my site:

    Please, i need those!

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    danny- if you have anything higher end, I have a 03 DLP Mirror Emerald Willis Auto (Serial # 4/5)
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Here's what I have, check my sig for wants:
    2003 Topps Home Team Advantage Dontrelle Willis 677 $1.50
    2004 Ultra K Kings Dontrelle Willis 8 $2.50
    2004 Upper Deck Dontrelle Willis 263 $0.30

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    JFried-I'll remember that offer

    Yankee Pride-Let me think about it, I have inserts of Sosa and Arod for trade. Would you trade all 3 of those (total $4.30) for:

    2003 Fleer Authentix "Ticket Studs" alex rodriguez BV-$4


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