Would love to sell some of my lots of commons, cheap. What I have are lots of stuff like 03 Donruss Team Heroes, (most of them) 90 and 91 Upper Deck, (most of 'em) 01 Topps (a fair amount)(tons of doubles) 02 Ballpark Idols (decent amount; some #d that I will TRADE!), and I have more. Rather not sell individually, will not sell player lots here, just want to make space. I have new stuff coming in (well, ok, it's not necessarily year wise new but I've tons of packs coming in)

May sell some of my T205 series 2 commons, preferrably trading those.


P.S. If anyone collects basketball or football and wants to get rid of their baseball, LMK. I've two basketball GU and a football GU.