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    Exclamation Free Sports/Celebrity Autographs By Mail - Guaranteed

    I have been collecing sports/celebrity autographs for about 5 years - I've found that an easy way to get autographs is by mail. The responses that I have gotten from athletes and celebrities has been awesome. I've compiled a list of over 20,000 of these addresses - I just updated this list as of June 2003. I'm offering the list for sale for just $10 - I Guarantee that you will have good results! For more information e-mail me - - or check out my page (click on link below) - Thanks for looking.

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    I'll make a deal to SCF members and drop the list to $8 - the first returned autograph well makes up for that $ - satisfaction guaranteed. Visit my site (click link in my signature about list) - or e-mail me: - you can also Instant mesage me - AOL Instant Messagner: Sportsfan20JLK

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    I don't understand what you mean by saying the first return will make up the $8 price. Uncertified autos are worth virtually nothing, I just do the ttm thing for fun. Also, there are several addresses out there that work for 1 year, but not the next. Are all of your addresses from last year or are some from previous years before that?

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    Originally posted by Rangers #3
    ... Are all of your addresses from last year or are some from previous years before that?
    The list was just updated June 2003 so all addresses are current. I also include my contact information w/ the list so that if ever there is a problem with an address, e-mail me and I will get you a current address - or, if there is ever anyone that you want to write that is not on the list, I will get you the address - I have had such great results with this - if you want to click on the link below it will take you to my website and you can order the disk by Paypal - -

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    Originally posted by llcooljoe
    what happens if we dont get autos back if you guarantee it
    I obviously can't guarantee you that everyone will write back but I do guarantee that you will have results that will satisfy you - I can guarantee that b/c I've been using the addresses myself and have had AWESOME results - most recently I just got two autographed Vladimir Guerrero photo's back... let me know if you have any questions that I can answer. It's well worth the 8 bucks

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