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    Need all Maurice Clarett, Chris Gamble, Michael Jenkins

    Press Pass or Sage Base and all lmk what ya got really looking for Clarett autos and jsy cards. Thanks

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    Actually dont think any of these guys are in press pass but if they are feel free to put them in.

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    i have 1 clarett catrd from sage
    i also have behind the numbers card of ohio state # 13 from sage
    emareld sage q@a michael jen kins
    3 base jenkins sgae cards
    2 base gamble

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    I got one extra Clayton RC plus I got tons of other extra big RC's like Perry, Jackson and some others lemme know if not...I can pay for some of the others thanks

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    alwyas could use ...nah lemme know if we can make a deal if not I would consider paying cash

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