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    5 pack bust of 04 Leaf 2nd Edition MLB. MOJO!!

    The first pack I opened I got a Mark Prior Home version jersey w/ pinstripe
    The second pack I opened had a Mark Prior Away jersey w/ stitching

    And I got a few of those black and white cards.

    Not bad for dropping less than $20

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    nice pulls !
    My wantlist:

    Mickey Mantle - serial numbered (no topps milestones)

    Jimmie Johnson - anything I don't have

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    dunno yet.

    I might go get the other 2 full boxes and see how I do.

    I cleaned up with the 02 Leaf boxes I got at retail so with these 2 pulls,I might just get the other 2 boxes

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    You pulled two Prior jerseys in 5 packs of retail? Wow, that's pretty good!

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    I know, I was mad at 1st, but realized they are from 2 different versions from 2 different sets.

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    The Black and White cards are:
    Jeter Black Sig (Made in the USA) #1962-63NSNL

    Dale Murphy Black Sig (Made by Donruss Playoff LP) #1947-66MDPSIG

    Giambi No Sig (First Base New York, AL Donruss Playoff LP USA) #1926UDP

    Dale Murphy white sig (Cordially) (Made in USA) #1939-46CL

    Soriano White Sig (Yours Truely) (Made In USA) #1939-46YTL

    Pedro Martinez White Sig (Cordially Yours) (Made In USA) #1939-46CYL

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    To make the 2 Prior Jerseys in the 5 packs an even better pull...They are the Player's Collection jerseys and are 1:39 packs. I am going to hold on to them because there are variations to each so I am guessing one might be a SP since I have a home jersey and an away jersey.
    But seeded 1:39 packs makes this an even better pull for me.

    The Black and White cards are the Exibits inserts cards.



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    My wife got home from Wal-Mart right after I replied earlier & she had picked up 4 pack of the Leaf & we didn't get squat !

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