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Thread: looking for any shockey cards

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    looking for any shockey cards

    hey im mostly looking for his rookies but 2003 cards too..well i will trade any player.. let me know what you want.. thanks

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    I have a Shockey 2002 NFL Showdown Foil RC. Let me know if you are interested

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    shockey rc

    yes im interested.. what set is it from,, upperdeck,topps..etc..

    what woudl you want for it?? thanks let me know

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    It's from the NFL Showdown 1st and Goal set. I collect former Michigan Wolverines in their Michigan uniform (especially the 2003 rookies, Askew, Hobson, Joppru, Bellamy) and Press Pass Autographs.

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    i have sum shockey 2001 cards

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    i have a bowman shockey rc i will sell it to u ror cheap pm me please

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    I have a 2002 Score Jeremy Shockey RC.

    Would you trade it for the 00' fleer autographics Torry Holt.


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    I have a Fleer Tradition one with grahm on it, i will trade it for any football game used or auot card

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    Just got a shockey 2003 score reg card #221. Also, have a couple john wallace in syracuse uniform cards for you as well. looking for players in my sig. Lmk if we can trade and thanks.

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