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    great deal for anyone who helps me

    here is the deal i need an auto of willis mcgahee, chris simms, rex grossman, carson palmer, byron leftwich, anquan boldin and maybe a few other star rookies. i need for the auto to book at least $50-$120. i will trade in your favor from this list of cards (others from my site could work as replacements)
    2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric DM Deuce McAllister BV $50
    2002 UD Authentics American Authentics Auto ST1-LT LaDainian Tomlinson BV $40
    2003 UD Standing O Swatches SW-MV Michael Vick BV $25
    2003 Leaf Limited Threads LT-81 Priest Holmes 12/75 BV $20

    if anyone gets me a $50-$60 auto of the above players i will give you 1.2x bv from the above list.

    if anyone gets me a $80-$120 auto i will give them 1.25x bv. that means if you give me a $120 auto you get $150 of my game used and autos.

    please lmk what you have and which cards you like. thanks for helping me out

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