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Thread: Sp authetic box break nojo

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    Sp authetic box break nojo

    All i got was a Marcus Banks rookie authentics sp extra limited auto 13/25 and a reece gaines auto
    lmk if your intrested in these cards

    i paid 180 for the box very overpriced but i dont know how to use ebay and thats the only card shop around my house .

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    hey yo if u want theres a card show near my house every Wed and Sat that sells stuff for really cheap. Cheaper than ebay. If you want I can pick you u[pp a couple of boxes of whatever you need and I'll ship them to you. I think SP Authetic sells for like 110 at the card show

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    how much bv would you offer me for the banks just so i have an idea and also Battie thankyou for the offer but i have no money im only 14 and my family is poor and i finally raised enough money doin yard work at my neighbors house so i cant but thanks for the offer

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    Incredibly interested in the banks!!!
    check my site, and let me know what youd want

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    umm i dont really want to trade the Banks for nething of yours right now but id like to buy cash for your 03 Fleer avant rich gannon 2 COLOR PATCH!!! #ERD5/25 BLACK GREY
    how much would you want for it?

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    umm first how much bv would u give me for it bdrr they sell for 60 on ebay

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