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    One of the lowest #ed R. Gannon cards you'll ever see!

    -2003 Playoff Prestige Rich Gannon Inside the Numbers Die-Cut seq. #ed 05/12 BV $? (not in Beckett due to scarcity)

    Look at picture below!

    I saw only one for auction:

    So I'm guessing BV may be in the $90-100 range.

    I'm interested in trading, if not...probably sell it on Ebay.


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    what you want for it

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    I like your Deuce auto, but not sure if you'll willing to give that up. I didn't find it in Beckett...can you post the full name of the card? Is it Fleer certified or a personally attained auto?


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    if card is still aviable i'd like to own it check out my trade page lmk if interested (also have some brees g/u'd on the way..sp authentic) thanks joe

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    Its 2001 EX rookie auto. Its certified, books for 100. I dont wanna trade this, anythng else?

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    I'm interested in it. What do you want for it?

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