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    Exclamation 2002-03 Pacific red + blue parallels needed!!

    Hey all, i'm glad i found this place!!

    I'm looking for these red parallels of the 2002-03 Pacific Hockey collection. I'm willing to buy them :

    8,12,13,18,49,90,97,129,153,182,190,218,236,254,26 3,264,


    And i'm looking for any blue parallels. email me with what you have at :


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    ill take a look at my collection and let you know.

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    i have the John LeClair red, i think it is #282, I am not sure what # so i thought i'd let u know anyway. i also have a blue of Tyson Nash, i think, no idea what the # is. I am sorry i can't be more specific, but am out of town and do not have my cards w/ me

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