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Thread: Greg Maddux Auto FT...

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    Greg Maddux Auto FT...

    I could possibly trade my Maddux Auto....

    2003 UD Ultimate Signatures Greg Maddux BV $80

    Only looking for an EQUAL value auto in return...a scan can be found on my site.

    Please list what you are willing to trade...I hate going through a trade page only to be told that "its not for trade" :)


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    I have these autographs near the BV of the Maddux (All are $50+)

    01 Fleer Red Sox 100th Anniversary BoSigs Jim Rice
    95 Signature Rookies Nomar Garciaparra Auto/7750
    00 UD Ivan Rodriguez Auto JSY
    97 SP Vintage Jay Buhner Autograph/79
    03 Fleer Avant Rocco Baldeli Auto/150
    01 Donruss Diamond Kings Frank Robinson Auto/50
    00 UD Scott Rolen Auto JSY
    01 Topps Heritage Jose Vidro Auto

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    AC....Thanks but can't really use any of those...

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