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    2002 Topps Chrome #125 BONDS! (HR 73!) for TRADE! BV-$40!

    Have this gem that I pulled from ONE pack at my Target. The pack was $1.49 cause it was in those pack-attack boxes where they discount the packs because they've been in the store for so long. There was only one pack, so i figured i wouldnt get anything nice, but what a gem! The card is:

    2002 Topps Chrome #125 Barry Bonds (home run #73) BV-$40

    I would like to trade this for Dontrelle Willis items but will consider all other offers. Thanks, and trade on.


    Dontrelle Willis Collection: 11 / 263 = 4.1825%

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    Id be interested, but dont have any one Dontrelle that would equal out to that

    Do you need a
    01 Topps Traded relics Canseco bat $15?

    I see your doing the set

    Heres about all I have for Dontrelle
    2003 Topps 205 Triple Folder Brooklyn TF90 D.Willis/S.Chacon $8
    (sportonut..if you see this, I do have 2 of them...not the same one im trading you :) )
    2004 Fleer Platinum Big Signs 12 Dontrelle Willis $1.50

    I could throw in another cheap GU or another insert if you want to work something with these

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    crazy--i decided not to do the topps traded set anymore, so i traded away the one canseco that I had. Im really only interested in willis cards right now. sorry

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