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    Name your player and Ill trade 2 to 1 in your favor!

    Ive been doing some major sorting, Ive finally got most of my collection cataloged for easy trading. I plan on doing a massive update to my page over the next week, but figured Id try to get rid of some stuff first so I dont have so much to type. Just Name your player or team and Ill trade 2 to 1 in your favor for the guys on my wantlist. For those of you who dont know Its listed on my website just click on www and then click on wantlist.

    Trading has been slow for me lately, so come on lets get some trade talks going!


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    Priest Holmes Ricky Williams (miami)

    in order of preferance
    1.Brett Favre
    2. Ahman Green
    3.Ladainian Tomlinson
    4.Deuce McAllister
    5.Priest Holmes
    6. Shaun Alexander
    7. Ricky Williams (miami)

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    1.Brett Favre Traded all my Favre's already
    2. Ahman Green Traded all My greens already
    3.Ladainian Tomlinson
    4.Deuce McAllister Gave away all my Dueces to NODuece
    5.Priest Holmes
    6. Shaun Alexander My Favorite Player!!!
    7. Ricky Williams (miami)

    I have a ton of L.T. Holmes and Williams though, no gu or autos though, but I probally have 50 or more Base/inserts of each of them. Also about a dozen L.T. rookies

    LMK if you have any players on my list and Ill get you a list sometime while Im weatching the draft.
    BTW I need any Shaun Alexanders your willing to trade.
    Also I have a ton of Favre SLU's and some Super Bowl commemrative sheets, also a Favre Beanie and some Headliners. {Farve was my Fave in the 90's}

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    what are slu's and I have a 2000 Fleer MYstique Star Factor
    Terrell Owens #'d and yes I have some shaun alexanders that i'd be willing to trade

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    I have about 25 Shaun Alexander base cards, including Upper Deck e-Card RC and Stadium Club RC.. Looking for DeShaun Foster!


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    I need :

    Emmitt Smith
    Torry Holt
    Chris Brown

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    football_3304 SLUs are Starting Line Ups Action Figures
    RockfnBttm Ill get you a list of Foster in a bit
    Vladfan27 dont have any
    dpono22 Ill get you a list of Smith and Holt dunno who the other guy is.
    pacsalive777 Ill see what I can find on Woodson and I have alot of Urlacher I dont have any 2004's

    Im going to pull these now and will have lists up in an hour or so

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    i need these off you:
    01 Titanium Dual Jerome Bettis (white/black/yellow) Kordell Stewart (white)
    02 Bowman Duce Staley 14/250

    check my site n lmk thanks

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