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    Exclamation Didn't Collect Football Until Today's Draft, Wantlist Inside!!

    I want anything of Will Smith, Chris Gamble and Kellen Winslow Jr. produced. Commons, Inserts, #D, Auto's, Game Used, anything of them at all, I want. I know the only thing out right now is press pass and sage, but I want them. Keep in mind that I only have baseball to trade. Thanks and LMK what you have!


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    i have this:

    04 Sage Hit Will Smith Auto #A39

    lmk what you have to trade for it

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    I really want that card! Here's what I have for trade right now:

    04 Bazooka Adventures Mark Mulder Jsy
    02 UD The People's Choice Rafael Furcal Jsy
    03 Pristine Bomb Squad Lance Berkman Jsy
    03 Pristine Bomb Squad Eric Chavez Jsy White
    03 Pristine Bomb Squad Eric Chavez Jsy Grey
    03 eX Behind The Numbers Tom Glavine Jsy /500

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