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Thread: Just Bought a Pack of 2001 MVP

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    Just Bought a Pack of 2001 MVP

    I went to hobby store bought 4 packs of SP authentic Basketball pulled nothing big just Brandon Hunter/Paul Pierce Redemption card. I saw the 2001 MVP Box (football) and the seller was asking $20 per pack I thought he was nuts but since I buy all the time hey said he sell me a pack for $5 I took it even though I was not thrilled by the price I opened it and I pulled a Ladainian Tomlinson RC card and the Pat Tillman I am glad I got the Pat Tillman as I sold 4 packs that had Pat Tillman a while back(I posted it before). I am thinking of grading the Tillman or Framing any suggestions?

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    $20 for MVP what a joke......$5 is even a lil steep lol

    Congrats on the Tillman, Id try and do something Patriotic with get a Triple Matte Red/White/Blue or maybe background it on a mini flag or something. lmk how it turns out.


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