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    new chrome rookies.. I know we got some people saving these people

    I have many more low end ones but im not big on basketball so i cant tell who saves what.. I got new topps chrome rookies of

    Luke Walton
    Chris Kamon
    Jason Kapono
    Troy Bell((refractor))
    Luke Ridnour

    Would sell cheap or trade in football.. if basketball would want a nice wade rookie or even a deal on a dwayne wade auto((can work out something else if needed))


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    hey i have a
    wade 03/04 fleer authentix ticket stub plmk if you need it

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    if its a 30+ rookie sure thing.. Im not to big into basketball but Ive bought a few packs just to try and get wade stuff or cash on on a carmello or lebron nice rookie or auto if i got one... so to know a price isnt with me, sorry


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    How much BV would you need in trade for all of them. I have some football I'm looking to get rid of. PLMK and thanks!

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    what kinda football you have

    I can get you a variety of basketball rookies too if i need to make up ground


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    All I need right now are Chrome RC's (Bowman and Topps).
    Here's what I have in football. Don't have much left. Just trying to get rid of them. PLMK if you are interested in any:

    2001 Private Stock Thomas Jones Premier Date /278 RC $15
    2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars Arlen Harris RC /750 $8
    2002 Gridiron Kings Charlie Gardner Crowning Moment /400
    1996 Classics Tony Banks Visions Autograph /1000

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    nothing really does minew_m thanks anyway


    p.s.. If you want to move them, put them up for auction on here for cardcash

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    I also just found a Donald Reche Caldwell Auto out of the Pristine set if you would need that.

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    That I will have to think about
    these rookies dont mean much to me but to have an auto like that isnt half bad.. what year is it

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