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Thread: *Looking to trade*

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    *Looking to trade*

    looking for Ohio State guys right now (along with the usual thats in my sig),only the pretty recent ones anyway.Looking for GUs or autos preferably.

    Check the site and lmk if you see anything you like,it's been updated with a ton of rookies and a few GU.


  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    hi- Ive got the following tim couch rookies and rookie year inserts:

    99 black diamond #111 rc- $10
    99 c. e. supreme #141tc rc cor- $10
    99 revolution #41 rc- $5
    99 topps stars 2 stars #10 rc- $3
    99 c.e. first place future legends #FL1- $4
    99 topps all matrix #AM 22- $4

    LMK if you're interested in those, and lmk if you'd be willing to give up any gu for them if the trade was in your favor (like the $36 of stuff I've listed for like $25-$27 of gu). Thanks- zev

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    2002 Leaf Certified "Freshman Fabric" Antwaan Randel El Rookie GU Jersey bv 20.00 -> need that off you check my site n lmk thanks

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