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Thread: I'm Buying!! Please Look

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    I'm Buying!! Please Look

    I am buying!! Please Look
    I am going to bulk up on inserts from BB, FB and BKB. The inserts I am buying are players names listed under the set name. ALL STARS. This is an example of how I am paying. A 01-02 Upper Deck Kwame Brown BV. $10 I am paying $.15 on each $.
    So in this case I will be buying the Kwame Brown from you for $1.50

    In many cases I will be paying .15-.30 on every $1

    Send me a list of the cards you want to get rid of and I will see what I need.

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    i have the following i would like to sell to u:
    1997 topps hobby masters derek jeter bv$10 (have 2 of him)

    2003 ud classic portraits barry bonds #227 1140/1200 bv$12

    2003 ud classic portraits ken griffey jr #203 900/1200

    2003 fleer avant alfonso soriano black and white #23 145/199 bv$7.50

    2003 fleer avant mike schimdt hall of frame 123/299 bv$15.00

    2003 fleer avant troy glaus candid collection 484/500 bv$8

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    i have a bunch of inserts i would be willing to sell you. most are under each particular player, others are listed under common inserts.
    please let me know if you find any you need.

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