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Thread: Baseball Gu 4 Hockey Anything!

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    Baseball Gu 4 Hockey Anything!

    Hi I was about to put my baseball card list on here (which is not made right now) but I only want hockey cards. I was wondering if anyone had hockey to trade, I have over 500 Baseball inserts, over 25 cards #ed to 100 or less, like 8 #ed to 25, 20-25 GU cards, 2 colors, dual bat, etc, and a lot of bigger names... If there are any people with hockey to trade I will list these up here tongith within the next couple of hours or however long it takes


    All I want is hockey inserts/parallels/gu/autos/ ANYTHING BUT COMMONS!

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    I have some of the 98 Beehive cards that include Rookies, gold version cards and other SP of the retired players collection in the set.

    If interested, PLMK thru PM



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    Hockey Game Used:

    02-03 UD Honor Roll Grade A Saku Koivu Jersey
    01-02 SPX #146 Kirby Law RC Jersey #1212/1500
    01-02 Topps/OPC Archives Relics Bobby Smith Jersey
    01-02 Pacific Private Stock Game Used Gear Shawn Bates Jersey
    01-02 Fleer Legacy In the Corners Lanny McDonald Dasher Boards
    00-01 Private Stock Titanium Marc Savard Jersey

    LMK whatcha got n thanks,
    Wantlist and tradelist:
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    Collect Albert Pujols,Mets,golf,Topps brand RCs and set wantlist on my page. Photobucket is garbage.

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    I am interested in both of your stuff I think, what do you guys need? Players? Sets? Anything?


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    hi- I've got an 03-04 upper deck shooting stars jason spezza gu jersey (I would really only want to trade that for a jeter gu), plus I have the 99-00 r. vrbata topps chrome refractor rc, 01-02 pacific all-stars m. lemieux, 94-95 sp insert #sp-36 die cut w. gretzky, 01-02 ud challenge for the cup j. sakic #'d /250, 93-94 sp inserts roy, gretzky, and yzerman, 00-01 crown royale s. mccarthy rc #'d /400, 99-00 dynagon ice v. kamensky #'d /99, 94-95 parkhurst se vintage p. roy, and the 98-99 v. lecavlier prime choice reserve. Would trade all the the rest of that stuff for any decent gu, or any nicer rookies or derek jeter cards, or anything really that I might be able to use. LMK- thanks

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    01-02 SPX #146 Kirby Law RC Jersey #1212/1500 BV 10$
    01-02 Topps/OPC Archives Relics Bobby Smith Jersey BV 12$
    01-02 Fleer Legacy In the Corners Lanny McDonald Dasher Boards BV 12$

    and I would take the others probably.... Here is the Pujols I have

    04 Prestige League Leaders 4 Player Card 015/250 Renteria/Sheffield/Pujols/Helton
    04 Donruss Power Alley Blue /1000
    04 Donruss Inside View /1250
    04 Topps Bazooka Adventures Jersey (white)
    04 Prestige Dual Bat Card Pujols/Rolen 123/250
    04 Donruss Diamond Kings 212/2500

    Let Me Know.

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    03-04 upper deck shooting stars jason spezza gu jersey BV 20$
    99-00 r. vrbata topps chrome refractor rc BV 60$
    the others combine to about 20-25$.

    I have no Jeter GU but I have A-Rod, Clemens, ETC. I will put together a tradelist here in a bit. Keep in touch I want those, I will take them off your hands if you will work with me too, Ill take your lower ones aswell.


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    hi- just to clarify, the spezza is $25 (just checked it at beckett online), the lemieux is $24, the 94-95 gretzky sp is $24 (it's the die cut insert to the upper deck set, not the regular card from the sp set), the sakic is $8, the 93-94 sp inserts are $10, $12, and $10 respectively, the roy vintage is $8, and the mccarthy is $8- the other 2 I don't know, but they're not much. Hope we can still work something out- thanks

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    My apologies, I wasnt too interested in the older stuff so I just guessed on it, was there any Pujols I have you are interested in?

    Let me know



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    hi- I'm interested in these:

    2004 Prestige- Diamond Heritage GU Bat Piazza- $15
    Connections Dual Bat Card Pujols/Rolen xx/250- $20
    Showcasing Grace Mark Prior (grey)- $15
    Showcasing Grace Alex Rodriguez (blue)- $10
    Ultra Performers Jersey Jason Giambi 2 Colors (wt w/black and grey stripe) 494/500- $10
    2002 Topps Reserve Jersey Tony Gwynn (grey)- $15
    2004 Donruss Inside View Derek Jeter- $10

    Please LMK which of the stuff from my list you would want for those

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