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Thread: have thousands of topps

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    have thousands of topps

    im new to the forum just letting everyone know i have thousands of baseball card in mint condition of topps, beckette,and flare.20unopened wax packs topps year 89.
    i have 57 Barry Bonds some are the crome,and some are the gold label. some are the black diamond. ive got one of Barry and Bobby together its a topps Stadium Club Ultra Pro. and one of his rookie cards. one Bobby Bonds along.
    ive also have 100s of cards of Mark Magwire.
    to tell the truth i couldnt tell you what all i do have. so if you have a card you are looking for i will look and see what i have and when i get my printer going ill scan it and post it on this forum for you . and i will sell:hop:

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