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Thread: any1 wanna trade? im lookin to

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    any1 wanna trade? im lookin to

    i just wanna trade

    check my site and let me know if your interested in anything.

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    im interested in Bonds, Barry G/U Patch, 2001 Fleer Game Time, Uniformity
    what i have right now is
    03 topps chrome record breakers of
    -robin yount(jersey)
    -carlos delgado(jersey)
    -cliff floyd(bat)

    03 topps 205
    -rafael palmeiro(jersey)


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    what about your Garciaparra, Nomar G/U Jesey #d 32/50, 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game, POG-64 or Palmerio, Rafael G/U Patch (3 Color), 2001 Fleer Legacy, Tailor Made

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    garciaparra books for $50-$60, and the palmerio is $30.... lmk wat u have

    autos are good, and so are yankees... but ill look at anything

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    what i listed is all i have. i just started collecting so i dont have much. the yount books for 25 and the others are 10-15. lmk what cards from your list you would trade for any of those.

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    not 2 interested... sry

    if ur gonna collect... a little advice since u just started... every1 wants autos and patches, thats like the latest craze

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