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    Looking for the following rookies

    I am looking for mid to high end rookies of the following players:

    Andrew Brown
    Matthew Moses
    Conor Jackson
    Todd Self
    Carlos Quentin
    Tim Stauffer
    Jon Broxton
    Matt Murton
    Matt Holliday
    Jeremy Hermida
    Eric Duncan
    David Wright
    Chris Ray
    Josh Banks
    Chad Billingsley

    Please let me know who you have to trade. Thanks. Michael
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    i have 2 david wright bowman chrome auto refractor rcs and an eric duncan bowman chrome rc auto.

    lmk if interested,

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    I could do $10 for the Duncan AUTO and in what range are you looking for for the David Wright AUTOs.

    Add to my list: Matt Chico


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    I have a bowman chrome draft hermida rc if you need it. I'm looking for a jeremy reed bowman chrome draft rc if you have one.

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