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Thread: anybody get a jersey card from

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    if there was, dont you think someone would have replied. Now, I dont know if there is or not, but I doubt it. Ive seen autos, no Jersey cards though.

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    yes i know they have a jersey card for michal clayton because i saw one on ebay.i was just trying to get my thread to the top without doing the ttt post.ok.

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    LSU, Please do not bump this thread again. Per forum rules, one bump per thread. Thanks


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    I have the Sage Hit Silver Auto of Michael Clayton. LMK if interested.

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    2004 SAGE HIT Jerseys #CL Michael Clayton
    2004 SAGE HIT Jerseys Premium Swatches #CL Michael Clayton

    Those are Clayton's current GU, and Henderson has none. Hope this helps.

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