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    Whole football collection for sale. Faulk, Manning, Warner, Culpepper, Rice, McNair +

    Hey Everyone,
    I am trying to get out of football cards and am selling 29 football gu/autos. Some of the players you get are gu of Aikman, Rice, McNair, Manning, Faulk, Stepehn Davis, Culpepper, Warner, Strahan, and more. You can check my site if you want a few of them are gone since I have last updated my site but the total BV is a little over $500!!! Just make your offers. PLMK.

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    only interested in these

    Culpepper, Daunte 2002 Fleer Platinum Portraits Game Used Jersey #PP-DC

    Gaffney, Jabar 2001 Fleer Hot Prospects Future Swatch Game Used Rookie Jersey #99 (#ed136/1000)

    Gardner, Rod 2001 Private Stock Titanium Post Season Edition Rookie Game Used Jersey #99

    Harrington, Joey 2003 Fleer Genuine Insiders Tools of the Game Game Used Jersey #TG-JH (#ed87/199)

    Manning, Peython 1999 Collectors Edge Odyssey Game Gear Game Used Ball #PM

    Manning, Peyton 2003 Fleer Genuine Insiders Genuine Article Game Used Jersey #GA-PM

    McCallister, Deuce 2001 Upper Deck Vintage Rookie Vintage Threads Game Used Rookie Jersey #DM-VT

    my first want is the deuce mcallister and then the peytons

    please let me know the bv

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    The Peyton, Gardner and Harrington jerseys are gone. Sorry I need to update it. I'll get back to you later on the total and the total BV.

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    Here we go:
    McCallister BV$40
    Peyton BV$15
    Gaffney BV$20
    Culpepper BV$12
    Total BV is $87. PLMK if you would do $30 shipped. The Deuce is really nice.

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    I was wondering if you would be interested in trading?

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    If this is still available I am interested in it.

    Bernie Williams/Jorge Posade/Robin Verntura/Jason Giambi 2002 UD Diamond Connections Bat Around Quad Game Used Bats(Pending)

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    Justin-That would be fine also but I would like baseball in return.

    Theguru-Sorry its gone. Ill update my site this weekend.

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    Well you got any Holmes GU/Autos or Portis GU/Autos? PLMK.

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