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    03 Leaf Limited Team Trademarks Jsy/Auto Kendrell Bell

    Just wondering if anyone would have any interest in this card. It's a very nice looking card of former defensive ROY Kendrell Bell. The card is numbered to 50. It books for $40. A scan can be provided upon request. Not really looking for anything in particular, just leave a tradelist or a site. Thanks.

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    what kinda bv are you placing on the Burress playergraphs?
    liked the dillon players ink too

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    I'm not sure what kind of BV to put on the Burress, but just make an offer. Thanks!

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    Id be interested. I dont know if i have much you would want though. I got a dual jersey of F.Mitchell/S.Moss worth $25, and some other cool cards. I think i only have 3 cards that i could possibly trade that are = or + that card. But if you take 2 or more lower priced i will trade in your favor.

    I would rather not trade my Tee Martin autos or my Hines Ward Auto, thats why they are not listed on my site. Let me know

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    aj-if youd like to do the burress and dillon, i can do that, i didnt see anything else i could use.

    shockers- only thing that really popped out at me was your pennington lonestar sigs...possibly a bigger trade maybe? if not, no big deal, just a thought!

    bryan- not really into jerseys too much...would prefer a card around same bv or 2 autos in the 20 range. too bad i wasnt a hockey collector! thanks for the post though.

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    you any interested in Tee Martin Auto/Jersey cards? The two big ones i have are $40 and $50

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    I could also give up 2 of these 3:
    2000 Playoff Contenders Tee Martin #141 (Autographed) ($25)
    2000 Private Stock Private Signings Tee Martin #30 (Autographed) ($20)
    2000 Topps Gold Label Autograph Tee Martin #TM (Autographed) ($15)

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    Sorry, I really don't even know who Tee Martin is to be perfectly honest with you. If you come across any other football, just PM me. I don't know if I'll still have it, but just check back with me. Thanks man.

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