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Thread: I need your opinion

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    I need your opinion

    I have a Roger Clemens 1985 Topps RC. It has a very small nick on one of the corners. Otherwise, it is in mint condition. Should I go ahead and send it in for grading?

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    Thank you for responding...I was getting worried that it was a bad idea....
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    Well, because it is such a valuable card (Rookie) it makes more sense. If it was Roger Clemens 1988 card and it was in same condition, I would just keep it in a top loader.

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    If it were me I wouldn't send it in. You said yourself that the card had a knick but the rest of the card was in mint condition. Because of the knick that will most likely drop the overall grade to near mint condition. Also, 1985 Topps cards don't tend to grade well because of the white borders. Under 10x magnifications it's very easy to see any corner damage due to the white borders. If you do get a PSA 8 back it books for $15 on the Beckett LOW end. That is usually what you will get for a card on eBay. Grading costs, shipping there, 2 day shipping backet, etc. will cost you more than $15 so you'll lose money on the deal. Even if you got a PSA 9 back that's only $40 on the low end so you'd make maybe $25 after all the grading and shipping costs. You could probably get $25 just selling it ungraded.

    Also, I wouldn't send in the Sandberg either. In PSA 9 conditional you're looking at a card that will probably sell for $20-$25. Grading and shipping fees will cost you $15 so you'll clear $5-$10. You might as well sell it ungraded as you'll clear the same amount and you won't have to spend an hour filling out PSA form and 3 weeks waiting to get your card back.......just my opinion.

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    on the 83 Sandberg here's an example.

    I sent this in just to encapsulate it, and will probably get more done. There's something about knowing a card will stay in its current condition!
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    Well I decided against sending the Sandberg in, I'm gonna send in an Allen Iverson Golden Touch rc instead. It's bv is $40

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