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    Unhappy Does anybody have any Adam Archuleta?

    Does anybody have any Adam Archuleta?

    I'm looking any RCs, GUs, Autos, or serial# of Adam Archuleta.

    Looking to buy for cc. Trade or buy for cash cheap.

    PM me offer or post please.

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    Thanks, football_3304. Somebody finally responded. Do you want to trade or sell it?

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    I looked it up its only a worth a buck. Do you any other cards listed in my signature?

    I'll give 25cc for it shipped, but its probally not worth the shipping cost. LMK, if you have others.

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    I dont trade for looking to any brett favres?

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    could ya let me know what you have of him so I can see if you have anything I need?

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    Ok. I will have to look through a box and binder to find them, but I will let you know.

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