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    eBay sellers:

    I often found myself wondering when I went to a show or saw an item on the bay how much I would need to sell the item for to make a profit. I calculated it out but it took a while to do it all because of all the fees and percentages. I recently had nothing to do, so I compressed the math down into a easy formula:

    where P is your purchase price.

    It's that simple. Now this assumes a few things, kind of a "worst case" scenario. It assumes you charge $2.50 for shipping that costs .60, that the buyer pays by PayPal and that you have a Premier Paypal account (accept credit cards). It also doesn't factor in the cost of shipping supplies. However, it does give a break even point when the purchase price is plugged in under P. This takes into account all ebay and paypal fees.
    So for example, if you see a $8 card at a show, you would put in:
    In this example, you would have to get $7.52 as a final ending price for this card to "break even" (no profit). If you make more than $7.52, you make money, less and you lost money.

    That formula has helped me as a seller a lot when going to shows or checking eBay for something to sell more. I hope it helps you too.

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    I dont get it. If you spend $8 on a card and only get $7.52 back arent you losing money?

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    I thinks it is because you make a little bit off the 2.50 shipping price, so that 7.52 + shipping will make you break even

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