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    Im looking for his classic baseball tri-card rc. please let me know what you are looking for. would also be interested in other cards i do not have.

    cards on the top of my want list

    classic baseball tri-card
    action packed diamond parallel
    yankee cards
    odd ball and promos

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    I believe i have both versions. I also have this one graded:
    1993 Classic 4Sport Tri-Cards Rodriguez/Bledsoe/Webber TC5 BGS 8.5 (9.5,8.5,8.5,9)

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    SPx - YS-AD - Adam Dunn - GU Jersey & Auto (892/1295) “2 colors”

    I need this, when you say 2-color is it a stripe? or a patch?

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    fairbc - I am sure it is a stripe. I have not looked at that one in a while. let me know if you want that one and what you have. you have any jeter or arod game used?

    luker2324 - I don't need the ones from classic 4-sport, I need the ones from classic baseball. let me know if you have that one and what you want

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