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    New to basketball collecting......

    My whole life I collected baseball, and now I've decided to venture into the basketball collecting. I'm gonna collect Paul Pierce, Reggie Miller and Current Pistons. I only have baseball to trade, and I might possibly buy. Lmk!!

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    check my site i have a few and good luck with your collection

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    I like this one, PAUL PIERCE 01-02 Stdium Club Frequent Flyers #/700 bv 15 htg, any interest in baseball at all, or CC.....because I could get some.

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    are you just collecting high end or base also if you want base I could get alot of the guys you want together and give it to you that way you get started into basketball ;)

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    2004 Fleer Tradition REGGIE MILLER Crystal Parrallel VERY RARE serial #092/175
    2004 Fleer Tradition PAUL PIERCE Crystal Parrallel VERY RARE serial #097/175
    I think these might be a nice start to your collection. Will sell for $2.50 DLVD or trade for baseball GU lmk

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    I've got a Ben Wallace 02-03 SP Authentic Specials. Looking for anything from my sig I don't have.

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    stalking_wolf, my site is way outdated.....I'll get one up for you shortly.

    Okaforcollector, Im gonna collect base as well.

    mfweiland, how about a 03 Donruss Studio Juan Gonzalez Leather and Lumber bat card #ed to 400 for the Pierce and Miller?

    Brunell8, Sorry......I didnt have anything from your sig. But thanks!

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    That's cool. PM your address and I'll send it to you anyway - help you get started on your BKB collection.

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