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    gatorboymike - Mike Dunleavy

    Michael has achieved Super Collector status for having the best Mike Dunleavy collection in existence. He currently owns 700 different cards! Thirty-eight 1/1's are included in his collection. No doubt one of the most complete player collections on SCF!


    Collection Totals
    Grand Total: 818/934 (87.6%)
    1/1s: 47
    Autos: 39/48 (81.3%)
    Game Used: 197/221 (89.1%)
    Rookie Cards: 39/39 (100%)

    Favorite Cards

    10. 2010-11 Panini Totally Certified Green (/5)
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    Some people are calling these the new Precious Metal Gems. I'd call that a desperate money-making ploy. But Dunleavy doesn't have a PMG card, so this may be the closest thing to one. It does look really nice in person.

    9. 2008-09 Topps T-51 Murad Mini Framed Silk (/25)

    I've seen cards made of acetate, metal, wood, felt, suede and leather, but never silk before. It's too bad this had to come at the end of Topps' production of basketball cards, they are the highlight of the product. They even have little windows in the frame so you can touch the silk.

    8. 2003-04 SP Signature Edition Marquee Marks Dunleavy Sr./Dunleavy Jr. (/100)

    You know the card manufacturers love it when they can do father-son pairings like this. Just wait for the Michael Jordan/Marcus Jordan ones. Dunleavy's dad was a scrub player, is a pretty lousy coach and a downright awful executive, but handwriting is one department where he has his son beat.

    7. 2009-10 SP Game Used Tag Team Quads Dunleavy/Daniels/Ford/Granger (/10)

    The laundry tag is the second best part of the jersey after the logoman patch, and here we have four Pacers tags on one card. And fortunately for me, Dunleavy has the best tag piece out of the four on this card. Say what you will about this obvious product dump, some really awesome cards came out of it.

    6. 2005-06 Finest Superfractors White (/1)

    As much as I might think Topps has gone overboard with parallel sets, they are fun to collect. 05-06 Finest has to be the prime example. Even if you count all four colors of printing plates as one parallel, Dunleavy has 19 different parallels in this product, and 9 of them are 1/1s.

    5. 2007-08 SP Game Used Authentic Patches Triple Redick/Smith/Dunleavy (/25)

    One of the most colorful patch cards I've ever seen, and definitely one of my best ones. There's a total of ten color breaks and nine colors (if you don't count redundant ones) on here. This was a pretty hard card to get, as Duke fans are annoyingly tenacious competition.

    4. 2005-06 SP Game Used Authentic Patches Triple Gold Davis/Richardson/Dunleavy (/3)

    This was the first high-end Dunleavy card I ever got AFTER I decided to collect him. It's the rarest of four tiers: Triple Jersey (/25), Triple Jersey Gold (/15), Triple Patch (/10) and Triple Patch Gold (/3). I have all four versions today, but ironically, this was the first version I got.

    3. 2004-05 Flair Lettermen (/8)

    This was the first high-end Dunleavy card I ever got. At the time, I didn't care who he was, I only wanted it in the first place because it was a letterman. But then I realized I had gotten both this one and a Dunleavy 1/1 without really thinking about it, and that's why I decided to collect him.

    2. 2006-07 UD Black Quad Jerseys Gold Yao/Dunleavy/Nene/Stoudemire (/5)

    When people talk about the greatest rookie classes of all-time, they always say the same three: 1984, 1996 and 2003. This should indicate that 2002 wasn't too shabby either. Yao and Amare are HOF shoe-ins, but I probably would have replaced Nene with Drew Gooden or Caron Butler.

    1. 2007-08 Exquisite Collection NBA All-Access Triple Logoman O'Neal/Dunleavy/Tinsley (/1)

    This is the greatest Dunleavy card to date, and the only Exquisite card in the world with him on it. When I heard it was going to be released, I immediately started saving money and went on a strict instant noodles diet to be able to get it. All the pasta paid off!

    Congratulations on becoming the fourth Basketball Super Collector!
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    That collection belongs here on the 1/1s alone, but the quantity/quality of other items is also impressive at nearly 3/4 the total with loads of AU/GU included. Easily the best Dunleavy collection, and one of the best player collections anywhere.
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    Nice Collection!

    Do you have a wantlist? so i can keep my eyes open for some Dunleavy and avery cards.

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    Man, Nice collection!

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    Another amazing player collection! Congrats on the honor!

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    nice stuff

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    Nice stuff there, I wasn't aware there was someone with this extensive of a Dunleavy collection

    I actually used to have that exact Triple Patch w/ Baron and J-Rich, perhaps you bought it from me!

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    AWESOME PC!! Love the Logoman!
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    Awesome collection Mike! I thought the Avery Johnson collection was impressive - this one is even more so IMO! Congrats!

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    I would honestly kill for that card...I swear....

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