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    Couple of Press Pass auto's for trade

    I have these auto's for trade
    Tommie Harris--Oklahoma
    Derrick Strat--Oklahoma

    would like to trade for base,gold and big numbers and anything else that Cedric Cobbs has in press pass
    thanks and lmk

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    are just looking for cobbs. or do you have a want list of 94 press pass singles your looking for. lmk thanks. larry
    collecting rookies auto game used of hall of famer or retired players all sports.

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    Mainly just Cobbs and Shawn Andrews and any other former Razorbacks.

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    I have a LaBrandon Toefield Finestest Gold Refractor Auto 34/50 which is his jsy #. I would trade you it straight up for the Harris and Stait auto. Card # is 138 BV is 50 I believe....

    thanks Clay

    pm if interested....
    I really need them I'm a huge Sooner fan....

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