Hello, I thought this would be a good site to try to promote our

I have up for auction the following cards:

97 T. Battie Credentials 3/3
97 A. Daniels Credentials 1/11
97 B. Jackson Credentials 2/19
97 K. Garnett Credentials 37/79
97 S. O'Neal Credentials 25/74
97 S. Pippen Credentials 25/70
98 R. Traylor Credentials 3/8

Many other credentials

97-98 M. Jordan Z-Force Rave
98-99 K. Bryant Ultra Platinum
98-99 T. Duncan Ultra Platinum
98-99 T. McGrady Ultra Platinum (2)
97-98 K. Garnett Precious Gems
97-98 S. Marbury Precious gems

These auctions don't end till Monday but all have no reserve. These
auctions can be seen at


We have many of the ultra platinums from 97-98 and 98-99 if anyone is
looking for a certain player.[